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Supporting caregivers, families and staff of the child welfare system

Our Vision

Mimi’s House envisions a Child Welfare System that minimizes trauma and works cohesively to achieve permanency. A system where children and families have access to the services and resources they need in order to safely and appropriately accomplish permanency in a timely manner. Mimi’s House acknowledges that permanency encompasses reunification, independence, guardianship and adoption. Mimi’s House is dedicated to mitigating the effects of trauma on children in care by preventing systemic trauma, addressing the families’ trauma histories and providing necessary and appropriate training for caregivers and staff.

Help us provide support and resources to those impacted by the child welfare system. No donation is too small.

About Mimi's House

Mimi’s House Family Advocacy Center is a non profit organization dedicated to supporting those individuals and families that are called to care for children involved in traditional or non traditional foster care.

Mimi's House Family Advocacy Center provides social, emotional, and tangible resources to those impacted by the Child Welfare system including Foster Parents, Youth in Care, and Child Welfare Employees. Mimi's House strives to minimize trauma experiences for all team members through community connections and resources. 

Our Story

Kerrigan and Nicole met through a complex child welfare case in 2018. Nicole was a child welfare social worker and Kerrigan was a licensed foster parent. It was a Friday evening at 11pm and Nicole contacted Kerrigan through a list of emergency foster parents. That evening, Kerrigan agreed to accept placement of 4 children in the middle of the night. The next morning Nicole and Kerrigan both experienced one of the most difficult moments of their involvement in child welfare. Since that interaction they have grown to become integral members of each other's support systems. They have supported each other through their parenting journeys be it the birth of a new baby, an adoption or various foster care placements. They have listened as each navigated professional and personal hardships; always remaining present and supportive. Through heartache, frustration and aggravation, Nicole and Kerri have grown to know a failing child welfare system. Combining their individual professional goals, they are expanding their support system. 

Through Mimi's House Kerrigan and Nicole hope to offer all families and professionals involved in the child welfare system the comfort and grace they have receive from one another.